The most recommended Brazilian restaurant in Narita, TECO -TECO


Hello, March has arrived. I am Korosuke, hoping that the weather will warm up soon.

In spring, there will be less snow, so there will be fewer delays and cancellations, but the strong winds known as spring storms and spring storms will start to blow, which makes pilots cry.

This time, I would like to introduce an authentic Brazilian restaurant, prepared by a Brazilian chef, within walking distance from Narita Station.

Store Locations

This time we visited TECO-TECO, located about a 3-minute walk from JR Narita Station on the approach to Shinsho-ji Temple.

This TECO-TECO is a colloquial Brazilian term for a small airplane such as a Cessna.

You have to ask, though, to know that there is a reason why the cards you get at the store also have small airplanes on them.


The owner and cook is from Brazil, and his wife, who runs the restaurant with him, has spent seven years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He has used this experience to run a restaurant in Narita, which attracts many overseas visitors to Japan, serving authentic Brazilian flavors.

Brazilian dishes are available from appetizers to main courses.

Brazilian cuisine is famous for churrasco, and meat-based dishes are popular.
It is characterized by its delicious taste and well seasoned with spices.

Real food at TECO-TECO

We visited at 5:30 p.m., the same time the restaurant opened for dinner on a weekday, so it was not crowded.

However, the restaurant owner said that many pilots come to the restaurant and foreign airlines use the restaurant around 9:00 p.m. or so.

So if you go, I recommend early hours and they are open for lunch.

The best meat is called “piccanya” and is part of the rump around the buttocks.
It is seasoned with rock salt and charbroiled churrasco.

This time, however, I wanted something with a strong flavor, so I decided on a beef cutlet with tomato cheese sauce called “Parmeggiani”.

After a 10-minute wait, it arrives with the appetizing aroma of tomato sauce.


In Japan, most of the batter of katsu would be crispy, but since Parmigiano here is an authentic Brazilian dish, the batter is not crispy because it is soaked in sauce, unlike in Japan.
But that is what makes it so delicious!

Let’s not get caught up in the stereotype that the batter should be crispy.
What matters is that it tastes good!

The cheese melted and mixed with the tomato sauce, it was the best cutlet in the history of my life.

The fries that come with the side are very tasty and the batter is crispy.

I am really satisfied because the quantity is sufficient.

Summary of TECO-TECO

How was it?

Korosuke even fell in love with Narita after finding this restaurant in Narita.

I don’t know how many times I will have to go to Narita in the future, as I often have to go to Narita because of my occupation.

Prices can be said to be reasonable even during dinner, so please try it when you visit Narita.

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