Toothpaste “MARVIS” rumored to whiten teeth


Hello, this is Korosuke who is relieved to see the end of this year.

It may be too early to feel relieved, but I am grateful that I was able to spend this year without any major accidents or illnesses.

Well, this time, the other day, I would like to introduce this toothpaste that an acquaintance told me to use because it was so good that it was very effective for whitening.

Product Summary

The recommended toothpaste for whitening that Korosuke received this time is “MARVIS“, which has a stylish design.


MARVIS is a dental brand born in Florence, Italy, and has been popular in Italy for a long time.

You can feel Italy from this beautiful design sense.

There are several flavors, but all of them have a mint base, and the most popular one is white, which we will introduce this time.

As an effect, there are both the removal of colored stains and the prevention of adhesion, and it seems that whitening will progress if MARVIS is used.

However, it does not contain the effect of preventing periodontal disease or fluoride.

Impressions after using MARVIS for a month

After receiving MARVIS and actually using it for about a month, I will summarize my feelings.

I’ve never used a whitening toothpaste before, so I can’t compare, but the toothpaste itself only has a mint taste, so it’s refreshing.

The paste is firm and firm.

Since it was the first whitening toothpaste and the price was high, I used less toothpaste than conventional toothpaste. .

Korosuke doesn’t smoke, but he drinks coffee on a daily basis, so it’s very helpful not to worry about stains.

It’s surprising that even though I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day, my skin turns white.

Summary of MARVIS

What did you think.

I feel that the price is a little high for toothpaste, but I felt that it was very cost-effective compared to the time and effort of home whitening.

It actually removes colored stains quickly, so it’s effective to get the feeling of whitening faster than whitening agents.

From now on, I plan to continue using MARVIS 3 days a week and toothpaste for periodontal disease prevention 4 days a week.

You can also try it in a mini size, so if you are considering it, please try it from a mini size.