Japanese airports this and that (Fire Fighting and Rescue System RFFS)


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Today, I would like to introduce the TOP 3 airports with the highest RFFS category among Japanese airports.

What does the RFFS category stand for anyway?

Rescue and Fire Fighting Service The abbreviation stands for

This is defined in ICAO Annex 14.

What criteria are used to determine this RFFS category?

Firefighting force required for the airport (performance and number of chemical fire engines, volume of water for foam production (i.e., volume of water required for fire suppression and fire suppression) fire suppression and fire suppression), radiation volume, and auxiliary firefighting agents. The amount of water required for foam production (i.e., the amount of water required for fire suppression and fire fighting), the amount of water required for foam production, the amount of water required for fire suppression and fire fighting), the type and quantity of firefighting chemicals and fire rescue equipment to be deployed, the time required for a chemical fire truck to arrive on scene when an aircraft accident occurs, and various other matters are considered and determined comprehensively.
The RFFS categories are then ranked from 1 to 10.

Ranking announcement!

The majority of Japanese airports are RFFS9 airports because they are much better maintained than their foreign counterparts. Therefore, we will introduce Japan’s world-class RFFS10 airports!

1. Haneda Airport(RJTT HND)

Haneda Airport, Japan’s leading international airport, is of course maintained at the highest rank. Located in the area are five chemical fire trucks, a water truck, a power truck, and an emergency medical transport vehicle.

2. Narita Airport(RJAA NRT)

This airport is also called the gateway to Japan, which goes without saying. The following are located here:6 chemical fire trucks, 3 water trucks, a small emergency medical transport vehicle, 2 tow trucks, and a communication vehicle.

3. Kansai International Airport(RJBB KIX)

Kansai Airport is also the gateway to western Japan. Located in the area arefive chemical fire trucks, two ambulances, two water trucks, tow trucks, and emergency medical transport vehicles.

I can see some differences in the cars placed at both airports. It seems that Haneda Airport has fewer cars when comparing the cars placed there, but are they different in size?

Narita Airport and Kansai Airport were the top airports in the runway length section introduced previously, so I get the impression that they are quite well-developed airports!

For your information, major airports such as New Chitose Airport (RJCC CTS), Fukuoka Airport (RJFF FUK), Itami Airport (RJOO ITM), Chubu Centrair Airport (RJGG NGO), and Naha Airport (ROAH OKA) are RFFS9.

Finally, I have included images of chemical fire trucks and other vehicles for your reference, so you can look for them at the airport when you have time.

chemical fire engine

water tender

emergency medical assistance vehicle

vehicle-mounted electricity generator (e.g. for filming, emergencies, etc.)

I will try to find these vehicle next time!

Please take a peek at our other Japanese airport rankings.

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I’ll see you soon!

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