Three reasons why flying an airplane is so difficult.


Hi, I’m Korosuke and I’ve been enjoying visiting Pokemon GO poke lids lately.

Poke-lids are manholes with Pokémon on them, and each prefecture seems to have chosen a Pokémon with which it is associated. The design is very cute, and it is very precious because it is only found in Japan.

Recently, Higashi-Osaka, which I visited during my stay in Osaka, went to the Hanazono Rugby Stadium poke lid.


This time, Korosuke, who has been flying airplanes for the past 10 years, will talk about the reasons why flying is so difficult.

Why do you think it is difficult to fly an airplane?

When you are thinking about improving your airplane flying, I believe that there is a big difference between thinking about this reason and not thinking about it.

This is because there is a big difference in behavior between what people know by feeling and what they know by verbalization.

Let’s take a look.

1.Cannot be done in 100% the same environment

Apart from simulators, takeoffs and landings with actual aircraft are subject to changing winds and temperatures, so even if you want to practice because you are not good at these conditions, you will not be able to do so immediately. It is safe to assume that all other factors such as the weight of the airplane and the position of the center of gravity will never be the same situation.

2.It is always in production.

When I fly a passenger aircraft, it is basically a paid flight with passengers, so I can’t do anything experimental to try this today.

You can’t just want to fine-tune here like in sports, and you can’t afford to make mistakes.

In fact, the only time we can practice is during actual equipment touch-and-go training when we make limited changes, but it is still an important asset to the company and we would not be able to experiment with it.

3.The scale to be moved is not present in everyday life.

No vehicle in daily life moves with as much inertia as an airplane, and its speed is much different than that of a ship.

In other words, you can’t feel that inertia in your daily life; you have to imbibe it through your work. Therefore, on the ground, the amount of image training you do is crucial, and how realistically you can maneuver in your mind is important.

However, perhaps in the future, advances in technology will make it possible to experience piloting through the use of VR.

What pilots do to improve their piloting skills

I think I have conveyed that maneuvering is difficult, but then how do you improve your technique?

1.First, a calculation

Pilots can be humanities or science majors, but science subjects have an impact on piloting. Because pilots cannot actually practice, they calculate precisely how the plane should move on the ground.

In such cases, the science field is rather useful since calculus and trigonometric functions are often used.

However, for some companies, this may not be necessary because they already have the tools left by their predecessors.

2.Imagine flight

As I mentioned a little earlier, you will pilot the plane in your mind as realistically as possible. At that time, normal operations are a matter of course, but in an emergency situation, during a divert, and many other things are interwoven, all the while imagining the movements of your own eyes and limbs.

The feeling is that image training is quite significant in that it allows us to anticipate what is going to happen in the future when we practice.

3.Hanger talk

Sharing stories from your peers is essential if you are trying to gain experience efficiently in a small number of flight hours.

The same is true after training, and it is extremely important to hear about flight from as many people as possible in order to develop yourself as much as possible.

Summary of why flying an airplane is difficult

How was it?

In addition to the other aspects explained above, there is the practical aspect that everything costs money, and this is true even after you get a job, and both the actual equipment and the simulator large fee for both the actual equipment and the simulator.

Pilots put their lives on the line to fly airplanes well, so the level they are looking for is high, but there are still so many reasons I can think of right now why it would be difficult.

If you are a prospective pilot, understanding this is a significant advantage in terms of awareness.

I have posted other aviation-related articles, so please read them if you find something of interest.

Why stopped airplanes are noisy

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