Five error-prone cases that pilots should always be aware of.


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In this article, we will focus on “human error,” which we often hear about in the airline industry, and introduce situations and circumstances in which mistakes are likely to occur.

1.When the work order is switched

This is not a common situation in daily life, but it may apply in many situations, such as when you are working.

Humans have working memory, the ability to temporarily store and process necessary information and memories.

In flight, things do not always, if not often, go according to plan.

Then the information stored in this working memory must be updated.

This is when people are more likely to make mistakes.

2.when expectations fail

Piloting is a profession that is very much about imitative and other anticipatory procedures, as we are told repeatedly from the time we are trainees.

Even in briefings, etc., we anticipate runways and routes.
For passenger aircraft, we must also consider the time when the seatbelt sign is turned on in the passenger cabin, so there is even more to anticipate than during initial training.

However, it is not uncommon for predictions to be off during the inexperienced period.

It would be nice if we could firmly change our perception of the situation when our expectations are not met, but sometimes it is not uncommon for us to forget that our expectations were not met and proceed as planned, omitting the steps that we actually rethought.

It is a common mistake to operate as usual, especially when a sudden snowfall phenomenon occurs, although procedures are replaced or increased.

3.When the pressure is on

It may go without saying, but if you are worrying about not making mistakes, or not mishearing ATCs, etc., you are wasting working memory in your brain on things you must not do, and you are not utilizing your brain at 100%. Therefore, it cannot be said that you are using 100% of your brain.

When you are under pressure or being pressured, you must let go of your fear of making a mistake.

The teaching that practice is as good as the real thing and the real thing is as good as practice is also true from experience.

4.When you’re not careful

When you are flying in good weather or with a crew that you are usually close with, you are so careless that you don’t even realize it.

Airplane incidents, for example, occur even on a good day and are sometimes caused by human error.

5.When there are major revisions to manuals, etc.

Pilots operate airplanes according to procedures prescribed in manuals such as FCOM and AOM, which are occasionally subject to major revisions.

If the procedures are changed, it is easy to deviate from the procedures that have been ingrained in the body, and mistakes are likely to occur frequently in the beginning, so even greater care is required.

Summary of error-prone cases

I am sure that many of you were able to think of this from your own experience.

I have previously posted an article on the 3Hs where mistakes are likely to occur, but knowing that you are in a situation where mistakes are likely to occur can make a big difference in your preparedness and alertness.